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Entering into a value-driven industry requires novel expertise to navigate financial risk

These organizations don’t often have the benchmarks or specialists on staff to understand the risks & benefits of these contracts. Paramean enables the shift to value-based care by providing critical, and often missing, expertise

Paramean’s team of experts understand the economics of the healthcare industry and are committed to crafting a tailored strategy from pre-contracting to reconciliation for your financial goals.

Our actuarial, analytical, and financial experts use benchmarks, provider and payer data to navigate you through various risk situations – helping you secure the right contract and understand the risks.

We provide visibility and methodology to empower our clients in their shift towards value-based care.

Meet the expert

Isaac Edrah, CEO & Founder

Isaac has over 15 years of healthcare experience. He is a healthcare economics executive and actuary with experience building financial performance solutions related to pricing, value-based payment strategies, and cost-of-care management for payers and providers.

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