Our data & analytics platform empowers providers with actionable outputs.

Our proprietary analytics powerhouse driving every Paramean recommendation

InsightsOne empowers clients with real-time internal assessments on your financial and operational standing.

InsightsOne, our robust data reporting and analytical platform, offers visibility into your performance – making complex data actionable and empowering you to make progress towards your contractual goals.

InsightsOne, the proprietary analytics powerhouse driving every Paramean recommendation, is crafted from data sources and models exclusively for value-based care.

It is more accurate and deeper than other insights platforms out there.

InsightsOne is your one-stop shop for data processing, access and analytics.

Financial Monitoring & Optimization
Member Stratification & Operation
Quality Metrics Targeting & Reporting
Financial Reconciliations
Performance Predictions
Expenses & QIA Models

InsightsOne ingests and organizes disparate data sources into a single data lake that allows you to understand downside risk protection requirements and quantify the ROI of Value-Based Care contracts.

Whether used within one organization or across a portfolio of investments, with InsightsOne customizable reports, dashboards, and KPIs – real-time insights are at your fingertips.

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